2020 Maritime Chess Club Online CFC Rapid Tournament #9

Saturday, September 26

LiChess.org / Maritime Chess Club

MCC CFC Online Rapid #9

MCC* CFC** Rapid Online (15|10) Tournament

Cash: 1st, 2nd
Cash or Books: Most Improved & Top Under 1600
If more than one section prizes will be adjusted as per usual protocols
All entry fees minus rating fees will be returned as prizes

Fair Play:
Prizes will be held for at least 4 hours after the completion of the tournament, in case of a claim of fair-play violation (use of outside help). In order to make a claim, you go to a player's profile and hit report. You will be asked to complete a written report in case human intervention is required. Immediately afterward you have to contact me with a copy of the report. The organizer will generally accept the decision of the site, but reserves the right to form a Committee (a small group of top players) for a final decision. In the case of a violation, one or more games of the violator will be be scrubbed, and they will be ineligble for any prizes. Further sanctions such as Suspension by the Club or National Federation are also likely to be imposed

5 Round swiss
Depending on the number of players signed up by the end of pre-registration, the event could be broken into 2 sections (at the 1500-1600 mark)
Round 1 starts at 10am (9am EDT), and subsequent rounds begin as soon as all games are finished: 10:45am, 11:30am, 12:15pm, 1:00pm (all times approx)
Time control: 15|10 = G/15, with a 10 sec increment
If there are at least 12 players 1) 1600+ and 2) below 1600, by the day following pre-registration deadline - the tournament will be broken into two parts. Players Under 1600 wanting to play in the Open group will have to pay an additional $5 (effectively becoming pro players).

Entry Fees:
Pre-registered players: Pro $10, Amateur $5 [Amateur players can win a maximum of $25]
Late Entry (no pre-registration): $5 Extra

Pre-Register / Register via e-transfer to fredmckim@gmail.com; send me an e-mail with your name too, if it's not obvious who you are
Pre-Registration (and reduced entry fee) ends pre-tournament Wednesday at 11pm
Phone/Text: (902) 626-5019
Tournament Day Check-In: 9:30am - 9:45am
Please do not join the tournament at the tournament site until your entry fee is paid
Any unpaid players at 9:45am who have joined the tournament will be removed from the tournament and/or club

1) In the case of any mass problems with the server - I will send an e-mail to everyone, with a possible new tournament link
2) Any player who arrives late for the tournament SHOULD receive a 1/2 point bye (maximum of one) and be paired for the start of the following round
3) No other requested byes
4) Any UNSTARTED forfeited games in round 1 will be considered either a 1 point bye or 0 point bye (ie no rating points change hands)
5) Any other forfeits (whether from the start of a game or middle of a game) will count as rated games
6) Any player who misses the start of a game and forfeits, or withdraws from the tournament is not allowed to re-enter (software rule)
7) Two minute "rest" period after the last game in a round finishes
8) No chatting in the main tournament chat room once the tournament starts, for the duration of tournament (you can probably message your opponents between games or after the tournament)
9) When your game is finished you should be able to review games in progress until the next round starts
10) You risk a fair-play violation by having any chess related applications/windows open on your computer

Maritime Chess Club:
All players must be a member of the MCC (AND have played in at least one previous MCC Rapid Tournament to be eligible for Most Improved or class prize)
1) Maritime Players = Free (at least until Sept 1)
2) Others = $10 (for 6 month membership). We play fun tournaments 3-4 times per week.

Chess Federation of Canada:
All players must be (or become) a member of the CFC or pay a CFC Single Tournament Fee... these can be paid to me at time of registration
Any CFC memberships expiring on 2020/03/01 or later will be considered up to date until OTB play resumes
Players expiring after 2020/03/01 will receive an extrension to their membership based on their expiry date once OTB play resumes
Any new CFC members will receive an extension to their membership based on the date they joined once OTB play resumes

1) CFC Annual Membership = PEI: Adult - $41, Junior (U20) - $27; NB: $46 / $30; NS: $48 / $31
2) CFC Single Tournament Fee = PEI: Adult - $8, Junior - $4; NB & NS: $12 / $6
3) CFC Membership Dues & Tournament Fees for other provinces

Last Updated September 24

Confirmed & Paid (18)

2210 [2141] (2430) Imad Sabri (ON) A
2024 [1921] (1993) Anni Guo (ON) A
1992 [...] (...) Samuel Heran-Boily (NS) P+
1987 [2085] (2141) Jeffrey R. Zhao (ON) P
1911 [1696] (2075) Jonathan Wu (AB) A
1900 [1832] (1959) Henry Liu (ON) P
1808 [1485] (1943) Luca Georgescu-Nicolau (QC) P
1725 [1408] (1915) Pavel Kudriavtcev (ON) A
1637 [1447] (1851) Kevin G. Zou (ON) A
1617 [1193] (1753) Nadir Guliyev (ON) A
1575 [1441] (1777) Craig Carson (NB) A+
1561 [1441] (1669) Tristan Masters (ON) A
1482 [1098] (1675) Aaryan Valavan (ON) A
1453 [1450] (1758) Quinten White (NB) A
1451 [1345] (1663) Mark Fowlie (NB) A+
1435 [1124] (1608) Khongor Munkhbayar (ON) A
1412 [1424] (1580) Chris Munn (NB) A
1353 [967] (1618) Mike Yao (ON) A
e - Estimated rating
+ - Late Fee

First rating used above is for display purposes only; MCC Club Rating as of registration date and eventually the day before the tournament
Rating in [] is the CFC Quick chess rating as of registration date and eventually the Wednesday night prior to the tournament
Rating in () is the LiChess.org Rapid rating as of registration date and eventually the Thursday/Friday prior to the tournement, and the current rating will be used for pairings
(UNR) LiChess.org players are normally assigned a starting rating of 1500
Event will be rated by the CFC (Quick Chess), MCC (Rapid), and Lichess.org (Rapid)

Confirmed but Not-Paid (2)

Arnav Kapadia (ON)
1200e [799] (1676) Yeeshuen Li (ON) A+
X - CFC Membership required

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